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Dear applicant,

With more than 83 millions inhabitants, an area of 357,022km² and a GDP of 3.344 billion euros, Germany is the most populous country in the European Union and the most powerful economy in Europe. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, Germany offers the best working conditions and the best incomes in the whole Europe. But despite these facts which testify of its prosperity, Germany has a problem which is not far from being resolved: its demography. Germany’s aging population will create a very big economic disadvantage in the next few years. According to statistics provided by a team of researchers from prognos, some 3 millions jobs will be vacant within 10 years and particularly in the sector of Health. To anticipate this growing problem, Germany welcomes thousands of young people and adults from all over the world every year to carry out a voluntary social year (for young people) or a federal voluntary service (for adults). These programs are fully supported by the federal government and have been, in previous years, a starting point for many for studies, business, professional training etc. The Omikron Team, through a large professional network with organizations in Germany and specialized collaborators in immigration issues in general and questions of volunteering programs in particular offers individualized professional support and intensive preparation as well as for the procedures for obtaining a contract for volunteering in Germany and for further integration in the German society.

As director of the Omikron Volunteering program, I encourage you, future participants, to take the first step that will be the first of an unforgettable adventure. Our procedure is carried out in such a way as to prepare each candidate for his voluntary service but also to make them ready for the rest of the stay in Germany. With the option of financing the project, my whole team and I would like to facilitate the journey to Germany at the end of the procedure. Don't forget to click on the button "First step".

Yours sincerely,

The program director

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