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Wherever you are, apply to omikron's volonteering programs.

Omikron, it’s a procedure entirely done online to allow the most people as possible to participate in the program

  • Participation from more than 50 countries in Africa.
  • An entirely personalised procedure in accordance with the provenance of the applicant.

Benefit from the professionalism of a large number of advisers

The Omikron Team is a specialized team in volunteering Programs all over the world and the appropriate associated visa procedure according from where the applicant are coming from.

Omikron and his advisers have specialized themselves particularly in volunteering programs and Visa application procedure for Germany. Applying for a volunteering in Germany means being well prepared for the program, the visa procedure and the active life in Germany after travelling overthere.

Get the best financing for your trip

Omikron offers the possibility for applicants to get a financing for their trip. Benefit from one of the best financing that hat ever been offered for a trip to abroad.

  • Benefit from a personalized financing
  • Benefit from a low reimbursement rate
  • Reimburse to your rythme