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Bundesfreiwilligen Dienst (BFD) Program

The Bundesfreiwilligen Dienst (BFD) is the second type of voluntary service program in Germany. Joins below in the table, a brief preview of the content of this program is presented.


Programm BFD
Age limitation From 27 year old to older
Participant Men/Women
Duration From 6 to 18 month (Exceptionally 2 years)
Work schedules Full time work
Remuneration * Until 260.000FCFA
Accomodation Taken in charge by the welcoming structure
Domain possible of work *
ο Help to the young and to the children
ο Care of health and of aged people
ο Help to the handicaped people
ο Social integretion
ο Culture and protection of the monuments
ο Sport
ο Nature conservation and the environment

* Prices are given here in CFA. Please use the currency converter on our website for conversions into your respective national currencies.

* The fields of work proposed within the framework of a BFD are very varied. But in practice, some areas are more in demand than others. We kindly ask you to rely on the advice of our team during the procedure.

To the continuation of a BFD, life in federal Republic of Germany offers numerous possibilities. The following table presents the opportunities that can follow this program of volontariat in Germany.


Opportunities Particularities
To follow a gainful professional formation Earn until 500.000FCFA per month while following a professional formation in a domain of your choice.
To make a study in alternation Get an academic degre while following some courses in an university and working part-time in an enterprise, with an active remuneration until 650.000FCFA per month lasting the length of the studies.
Work directly Get you directly hire or make be worth your gotten degree and work directly, in a country with weak rate of unemployment and with a the minimum wage of 975.000FCFA per month